Our Huskies came back home with 21 medal!!! Thank you all for all the good luck and all the good vibes this month! Many of our scholars are competed and represented our school at CONSEF, Math Olympiads, Math Expo and will at the Art & Language contest.
                CONSEF is our annual Concept School network’s Science Fair in Cleveland, Ohio. Our Science teachers worked hard with their meticulous preparation and organization. We appreciate our Science department and their dedication to the investigation and exploration of the phenomena we call SCIENCE!
                Math Expo, has been a part of CONSEF for many years. Our students will displayed different math projects for the The Math Expo asks students to think creatively about the field of mathematics and how it is used to solve problems. A special thanks to Ms. Hartman for all her dedication and preparing our huskies for the Math Expo.
                This year, our network merged another big event during CONSEF, Math Olympiads. Our math olympians will displayed their math skills and represented our school in the annual math competition. All of our Huskies did awesome!