Concept Young Scholars Program (CYSP)

The Concept Young Scholars Program (CYSP) is a multifaceted program that is designed to prepare students in the 5th to 12th grade in all Concept schools to become well-rounded individuals by actively following their interests, diversifying their experiences, and receiving more in their  education.

Students who commit to CYSP program will be engaged in a systematic process that guides, recognizes, and rewards their progress. The program encourages activities such as academic competitions, college trips, and excursions. The program really emphasizes the importance of setting goals and planning a strategy to accomplish their goals.

Once students successfully register for the CYSP program, they will be asked to select an advisor who will assist in planning activities, monitor progress, and set goals. The student and their mentor will be able to discuss what goals they would like to set in place. Each student has the opportunity to obtain a Bronze, Silver or Gold medal  throughout the year. they would like to

  • Personal Development
  • Voluntary Public Service
  • Physical Fitness
  • Expedition / Exploration



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