Sharing Feedback & Resolving Issues with HSA Southwest Chicago

Horizon Science Academy Southwest Chicago (HSASW) values an engaged school community, and we encourage families and community members to contact us with questions, suggestions, and concerns.  HSASW has multiple partners in education, and it is recommended that parents or community members follow the procedures below to share feedback and resolve concerns.

Horizon Science Academy takes the safety and security of our school community very seriously, and in accordance with school board policy, the administrative team conducts internal investigations whenever claims of bullying are submitted by parents, students, or staff.

Horizon Science Academy continues to be committed to maintaining a safe academic environment free of all forms of misconduct, and bullying of any kind is not and will not be tolerated.

Click here for more information about our Anti-Bullying, Anti-Harassment, and Anti-Intimidation Policy.

Step 1: Notify School Staff of the Issue

In most cases, questions, and concerns are directly related to classroom issues.  As a first step, it is recommended that families and community members connect with classroom teachers. You can find contact information for HSASW teachers by utilizing the ConceptSIS web portal or mobile application.

Download ConceptSIS Student and Parent Portal Application: Google Play or iTunes

Step 2: Notify School Leadership of the Issue

Once parents, guardians, or community members have attempted to connect with classroom teachers and a resolution has not been met, or if a concern is related to a classroom teacher, the established leadership within the school should be contacted.  Administrative staff can help identify the appropriate school leader.

Please contact the HSASW Main Office at or at 773-498-3355.

Step 3: Contact Concept Schools Central Offices

If your questions or concerns are not adequately resolved by school leadership or the school, please contact Concept Schools, the educational partner and HSASW charter holder.

Contact Concept Schools at or at 847-824-3380.

For Website related issues contact Kushtarbek Zhaniev at

Step 4: Contact the Charter School’s Board

Every charter and contract school has its own governing board. If the leaders within the school are unresponsive, parents, guardians, or community members should address their concerns with the school’s board at .

The public is also welcome to attend Board meetings. Click here for a schedule of upcoming Board meetings.

Step 5: Contact the Office of Innovation and Incubation

Horizon Science Academy Southwest Chicago is authorized by Chicago Public Schools. If your questions or concerns are not adequately resolved by school leadership or the school governing board, please contact the Office of Innovation and Incubation at 773-553-1530.



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