Concept Schools Sponsors National Charter School Conference

The 2023 National Charter Schools Conference by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools is where the charter school movement meets. Concept Schools was a sponsor of NCSC23.

4,000 conference attendees included a diverse coalition of leaders—educators, families, and advocates uniquely suited to address the current challenges in public education. 

At NCSC23, diverse voices from the charter movement from around the country united across broad interests to meet the diverse needs of students. 

Content centered around these focus areas:

  • Staffing and financial challenges
  • Academic outcomes and mental health
  • Building and engaging a diverse group of advocates
  • The future of charter schools and education

These focus areas allowed attendees to dive deeper into relevant and timely content with experts and peers and come away with practical tools and techniques they could implement.

Concept attendees are seen in the photo, from left to right:
Ali Uslu, Vice President
Dr. Chris Murphy, Chief Growth & Communications Officer
Serdar Kartal, Superintendent
Dr. John Aytekin, Chief HR & Accountability Officer
Renaldo O'Neal, Principal Horizon Science Academy Dayton High School
Sedat Duman, President/CEO
Demetria Hogan, Assistant Principal Horizon Science Academy Dayton High School
Michael Kuran, Chief Academic Officer
Engin Blackstone, Superintendent
Justin Whittaker, Assistant Principal Horizon Science Academy Dayton High School
Oguzhan Yildiz, Superintendent